Drummer's First Aid Kit
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Rave Reviews


Robert, your books are absolutely marvelous, they're excellent, just terrific and very informative. Drummers at any level can get entertainment and knowledge from these marvelous books.
Jim Chapin
-Legendary drummer and teacher

I looked your books over very carefully and I really think they are terrific. You've organized them very well and they are quite unique. Best of luck-they're VERY nice!
Joel Rothman
-Legendary drum author/educator

On "Drummer's First Aid Kit...(an early version/and a portion of the book of the same name released in late 2005-this older version is available in eBook form under the name DFAK Express) Many drummers would benefit from this book that contains 140 pieces of sage advice for the drummer who plans on a career in the music business. Helpful hints regarding equipment, tuning, maintenance, technique, practicing and the "business of music" are included in this tome. Many of the suggestions or observations contain elements of common sense or are the results of having weathered professional disasters. Either way, this book is somewhat like having a "wise old uncle" give you the inside track on being a professional drummer - something that all drummers should have when they begin their amateur or professional career. Through its wisdom and enlightenment about the unexpected "surprises" that every drummer has faced at one time of another, the Drummer's First Aid Kit can save the novice a great deal of unnecessary heartache - especially on the road!
Terry O'Mahoney
-Percussive Arts Society

On "Questions...Answered"...(currently available only in eBook form) This 54-page book in question-and-answer format addresses a number of common concerns that beginning drum students (and possibly their parents) might have when making the decision to study drums, purchase equipment, identify equipment problems, etc. This would be a handy guide for drum shops to have on hand for newcomers to the drumset world.
Terry O'Mahoney
-Percussive Arts Society

I am very impressed with Robert's style of teaching. Enthusiastic, talented and well educated on all areas of modern drumming. This is the future of creating the next generation of drum stars! His books, and CD's assist Robert in reaching his goal! I believe he is one of the strong players and teachers of the 21st century!
Dom Famularo
-World famous drum clinician/educator/author

on "questions....answered" - I wish this book was around when I was 10 years old, trying to solve the mysteries of my first drumset and my KISS records
Mike Levesque
-David Bowie, Dave Navarro, Natalie Imbruglia, Juliana Hatfield

Amazing-what it takes drummers years to learn, Robert has summarized in an effective 20 minutes of reading. With obvious and not so obvious questions answered. This is truly the 'drummer's bible!"
Jeremy Vogt
-Tonic, Connells, Grover, Athenaeum

Robert, your web site, information, and approach are outstanding and I applaud you. I hope to meet again and would love to see you next time around. Good luck with your new baby and everything that you do. If there is some way I can help you, feel free to ask. I am always out to help a fellow drumming brother.
Rikki Rockett

I have just returned from some shows and will be taking your book out on the road to practice some of the exercises. This is really cool, you have mentioned some very good points in preparing for a drumming career, or just for fun playing. You seem to have your act together.  I hope you have much success with your concepts. I will be turning on all the drumming fanatics I encounter on the road to your book and website.
Thank you again for the cool stuff.  Take care, and God Bless.
Tony Hammons
- Montgomery Gentry

I passed the book around to our teachers and allowed everyone
ample time to look over it and use as they saw fit. Everyone agrees the book is very good with a lot of great information for the up and coming drummer. I think everyone commented on the snappy design and layout making special mention of the cover being so professional with attention to detail. The highlight for our staff seemed to be the Drummers First Aid
area. It's different enough to help set your book apart and it gives the project an interesting twist to other instructional books.
Billy Cuthrell
-Progressive Percussion Drum Studios

I haven't had time yet to fully get to the "meat" part of the book, but let me tell you that I read through all the suggestions at the beginning, and they are FANTASTIC.  Some of the tips are simply so basic and almost obvious to someone that plays a lot, we forget that they can be invaluable to the beginning player.  A lot of those pointers (use a rug, etc.) are things that hopefully people can avoid learning the hard way.  Kudos to you for such a shockingly simple and frank set of tips.
I also dig the metro-cd.  You just drop the disk into itunes to have a cowbell-driven set of click tracks on your ipod. i use this in almost every lesson.
Anyway, like I said, I still have to dig into the other 99% of the book. I get the impression that it's along the lines of the new breed or the ted reed book......should be interesting. Regards,
Mark Stepro
-teacher Columbus pro percussion

This is Kiel from fork's I just wanted to tell you how much you book made me realize that going back to the basics is such a big help in keep my playing controlled and toned! Appreciate it so much - hope to hear from you soon!  God Bless
Kiel tyler
– teacher at Fork’s Drum Closet (Nashville)

Greetings from the road.  Congrats on all the success with your book, you deserve it!!  It looks great!  I plan on taking it on tour with me and getting into it deeper.  It was cool to use when I taught at Drumlab and I think it even better now. Keep in touch. Take Care!
Jason Schmidt
-Jason Michael Carroll, Phil Vaught & the Dime Store Cowboys, former Drumlab employee

Hey this is Ed from Columbus Pro Percussion.  I'm doing some of the purchasing here at the store and I wanted to get a few more copies of "Drummer's First Aid Kit" and a few more copies of "Click Disc".
I am one of the teachers here, and I've gotten great use out of both the book and CD and I have several students who are interested in both the book and the CD.
Ed Davis
-Columbus Pro Percussion

Great. I am happy to hear Doug from Musicians Warehouse contacted you and they are on the way. I think this is a great tool for drummers and students really respond better and seem to be more in favor of working with the disc than a regular metronome.
Franchine Richards
- Teacher at Musician's Warehouse in San Jose, Modesto Junior College and for the Manteca, CA Community Education Dept.

Very interesting indeed. I do very much enjoy the concept and function of your Click Disc CD. It's a great tool for any drummer who needs an inexpensive metronome.
Seamus Tierney
-Macy Gray, Duncan Sheik

The Click Disc CD is great by the way! You were right...much more interesting to practice to!
Hilary Jones
-Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Scott Henderson's Tribal Tech, Eric Marienthal, Doc Severinson, and Robben Ford

Hey Robert, I'm about as versed on a computer as I am with a swiss triplet .. but seriously, I read your books and I think the books are full of nifty knowledge that the beginner to the advanced player can pull tips from. Nice work! YOUR BOOKS RULE!!! I hope you and your kid are well.
Mike Fasano
-Drummer for Warrant, highly sought after drum tech to the L.A. superstars

Those are great books! Very detailed and thorough, I even learned a thing or two! But really, I totally agreed with all of your ideas. It's a levelheaded and realistic approach to the world of drumming. It's nice to see books on how to BE a drummer, beyond just playing the drums. I'll definitely recommend them to other drummers I meet.
Eric Stock
-Stroke 9

It doesn't matter what level of player you are, there is something in here for you! Every time I read this, I wonder why nobody told me this, or that before! Thanks you for telling the tale Rob!
Scott Macconnell
-Far Too Jones (Mammoth recording artist)

I've read the two books and they are well written. The guide for new drummers is especially useful. I'll recommend that we order some. I just saw your Click Disc advertised on your site and thought it was a good idea.
George Lawrence
-George's Drum Shop owner

I really think I can put your click disc to some good use.
Reinier Veldman
-Bettie Serveert, Holland's most renowned guitar band

on "drummer's first aid kit"... This is the 'I wish I had this book back when...' book, written from real life experiences!
on "questions...answered"... This book cuts through the fat, right off the bat!
on "click disc"....A great way to find one's groove, almost like playing with another percussionist who has unwavering time. An awesome idea at a near ridiculous price!
Kenny Soule
-Dag, Nantucket, educator

These books are the lost chapters of the Old Testament for drums.
Jimmy Shoaf, Jr
-Drum tech extraordinaire, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine

Just wanted to thank you for sending a copy of your new book to Roy and myself. We really appreciate it!  I think the book looks great. It will be a nice tool for students to use, especially with the CD.
Have a great holiday season!
Chris Brady
-Aquarian Drumheads

At first glance the Drummer’s First Aid Kit book looks amazing. Nice work!  The song structure section looks especially unique and valuable.
Mark Bernfield
-teacher, Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

I've been practicing with your book as often as I can, and I'm seeing improvement in everything I play.
I'm loving the rhythmic companion. That alone is teaching me to mix things up without making it too complicated.
I haven't gotten through much of the book, which makes me very happy. There are a lot of exercises I can do, but plenty that I need to work on.
Again, Thank you for making a fantastic book. You're a savior.
-Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

Thank you. I still enjoy your book and disks. Currently taking lessons with Jim Blackley...really cool educator who is still visited by Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts and many others. Check out his web site.
Tim Taylor
Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

The "Drummer's First Aid Kit" is excellent. The book covers every aspect of being a musician on the drumset.
 I think the best part is the fact that you included a section on how to get the most out of the book. The sample lesson plan helped me to start in a place that was challenging and fun. Student number 2, lesson 5 was the perfect place for me to start. Independence has always been difficult for me, but working with the ostinatos makes it less overwhelming.
This book has a lifetime's worth of material to practice with and learn from.
Thank you,
Robert Cowden
-Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer, Joliet, IL.

Hello Robert,
I have received the CD and book thank you very much.
I love the CD, to be able to play along to something other that a synthetic sounding click yours sound excellent and have inspired me to use the click tracks more often. Also having the sequence of BPM go up after each track is excellent you dont have to stop and adjust the timing any more just a natural progression. I'm slowly getting through the book I'm still new to reading music but your explanations are fine and I'm following it nicely.
Thanks again and thanks for the great deal.
John McDonald
- Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

So far, I have just read through the Tips and Tricks and Q&A for beginners. Picked up some good info from both.  Ordered a pair of isolation earphones. have only scratched the surface, but already your books have been very helpful. I like the info on making your own ring dampeners from old heads.
Ed  Eyestone
- Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

Your materials are fabulous. Thank you very much.
Tim Taylor
- Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

Love the click discs.  I have already increased my speed playing 16ths, doubles and paradiddles.  I haven't used the metronome since they arrived.
Thanks again Robert
Pete Jackson- Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

I truly have to say that I thought I was a pretty well coordinated person until I opened up your book. The ostinato method is pretty dang hard but, I think with your practice methods for student number 1- beginner I should be okay. In conclusion, as a beginner I think I will pretty much find this book very helpful to me in developing my skills, and coordination. I want to thank you for this book and all the hard work you put into it. Hopefully it will pay off down the road. Oh, I almost forgot I want to order your Click Disc 1& 2, so when you e-mail me back I will gladly give you all the information you need. Thanks again Robert take care and I hope to here from you soon.
David Nelson
- Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer

The Book looks really cool! I will definitely keep it out for 
Students to check it out!  The Click CD is great!  Also, just a thought. The Click CD's. Have you thought about selling them on Itunes music store?  You would really do well with that I think. I know most of my  students are toting I pods these days!  It would be great to be able to download you're click tracks from the I tunes music store!  Thanks Again,
Art Bernstein
-teacher, Drummersfirstaidkit.com customer
(note - they are available to download at this site)

Hi, hope things are going great for you!!  Saw your book feature in DRUM! MAGAZINE –F*#@ing great!! Very cool!
Stay in touch!
Paul Collier
-Ornament of Disgrace

Hello Robert! I feel the need to tell you; I love that CLICK CD. It makes it much more fun to practice timing. I just got that First Aid Kit as well; and I'm impressed with it. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am starting to feel the passion....
Terry Hemingway
-Drumlab student

Working with Drumlab has been a great learning experience. Both of your ostinato method books are great tools that have improved my playing.
Mike Stevenson
-Drumlab student


Robert Shi is one of the best drummers I know around today. His timing is impeccable (no need for a click track) and he has great taste in music. For singer songwriters looking for a back beat, there is no better....
Dan Zweben
-Dan Zweben and The Dramas

What up shi town? Your myspace is indeed the ONLY place you will find this version of leanne.  You are one fine drumming master! Robert, you're the best drummer I've ever played with!!
Britt "Snuzz" Uzell
-Leader of Snuzz and guitarist for Ben Folds

Shi graciously atones for the collective sins of both Keith Moon and Neil Peart with a truly brilliant display of rhythmic power that is nothing short of manic.
Matthew Byars
-Boston Rock

I love a drummer who has great, organic time, and easy, relaxed feel, and a tone that breathes...Robert Shi has all those qualities and ties it together with a "serve the song" ethic...he dresses cool too.
Roger Gupton
-Bassist for Hotel Lights, Backsliders, Cindy Bullens and Snuzz

Enthusiastic, talented and well educated on all areas of modern drumming. I believe he (Robert) is one of the strong players and teachers of the 21st century!
Dom Famularo
-World famous drum clinician/educator/author

I got a lot of compliments about that Brewery show. Every compliment included that line: "That drummer did a great job!" You were great. I'll be calling you again, I'm sure. Thanks!!!
Evan Olson
-Universal recording artist

Real smarts and solid command of the craft ... crackles and pounds with a finely toned intensity ... knows a whole lot about employing dynamics to highlight the tautness of the groove.
Greg Bower
-The Independent

Muscular, ballsy, it's soaked through with a gritty, soulful feel.
Indie File

Robert Shi's drumming is best described as relentless....those two guys stay in the pocket like no other rhythm section I've seen.
Bill Jackson
-Boston Rock

Robert Shi, a monster on the drums!
Albert O.
-WBCN Disc Jockey

Heady, crackerjack musicianship!
Tristam Lozow
-Boston Herald

Cooly confident, rubbery grooves!
Paul Austin
-The Noise

Shi is a Great drummer!
Hugo Burhnam
-drummer from Gang of Four, A&R for several major labels

Bassist Greg Porter and drummer Robert Shi have blended to the point that they are almost interchangeable; Shi is just as likely to carry the melody.
Wade Rowland
-The Mass Media

Thanks for being a friend man.  You have an amazing feel when you play.
Dan Ianitelli
-X-Generation from Detroit

Nice track, the drums were terrific!
Billy Cuthrell
-Progressive Percussion


I am very impressed with Robert's style of teaching. Enthusiastic, talented and well educated on all areas of modern drumming. This is the future of creating the next generation of drum stars! His books, and CD's assist Robert in reaching his goal! I believe he is one of the strong players and teachers of the 21st century!
Dom Famularo
-World famous drum clinician/educator/author

My time in the Robert was short, but invaluable -- Robert is an incredible teacher. I can't imagine how much more difficult Berklee would have been without the solid foundation he provided me with in the brief period I studied him. Every single thing I've learned here at Berklee has related back to something I learned from Rob. I'm studying with Mike Mangini and Larry Finn now, and they are both excellent drummers, but I'm not sure that either of them have the teaching chops that Rob does. So thanks Rob, for all your help.
Peter Overton
-Berklee College of Music (former student)

Robert has a knack for taking important concepts and theory and applying them in a way that makes them immediately practical and enjoyable for a student. This makes practice a lot more fun, which means I get even more out of my lessons. The fact he is a gigging drummer also means that I learn a lot of pragmatics about gigging, equipment and preparation.
Susan Griffin
-Drummer for Blue trick and former student

Robert's extreme passion for drumming makes you not only strive to be a better drummer, he makes you look at drums on a whole new and higher level.
Jenny Walters
-Former student

Here's what I always tell people who are looking for a drum teacher. Robert is both a good drummer and good drum teacher, which is a hard combination to find. Also, he is very willing to personalize lessons, which makes it easy and fun to learn to play drums! Thanks.
Genie Brossman
-Former student

Robert and the Guys at the Drumlab have provided Adam the inspiration and powerful leadership that every teen wants and needs. Adam's life has "come together" as a direct result of the Drumlab personnel helping him find his first true love, the drums. Special thanks for patiently helping him through the beginnings, the boring basics, and for being cool enough to show him how to play, with love and, oh yes, with passion!!!!! All of the guys at The Drumlab are not just awesome drummers and teachers, they are the type of people that every parent wants their kids to model.
Lynn Baker
-Student's parent

Working with Robert and Drumlab has been a great learning experience. Both of your ostinato method books are great tools that have improved my playing.
Mike Stevenson
-Former student

I've been a student at the Drumlab for 10 months now and it's been awesome. Drumlab has excellent and patient teachers. As a singer/songwriter, learning to play drums has helped me with my songwriting and timing. It has also improved my guitar and mandolin chops. Every lead guitarist should be required to take drum lessons!
Jim Sleeper
-Former student

Hey, my son Jared and I took lessons with Drumlab last year. We made great improvements. Thanks.
Andy Citron
-Former student

My instructor (Robert) is very smart and really quite a good teacher. Thanks so much!!
Kerry Fitzgerald
-Former student

Robert's teaching took my playing to a whole new level - he understood my goals and showed me exactly how to get there. And not only did I gain a great deal of knowledge as a drummer, but I also got a lifelong friend. Thanks a ton, bro!
Trent Hamilton
-Former student and resident web geek

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